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5 Reasons to Hire a Content Manager

The most common phrase we hear is, "I don't have time for social media". And our most common answer, social media is a full time job, we should know, it is our job! You are an expert in your field, let Haus Social be your social media expert.

Your Customers are on Social Media

Overall, about 54% of the world’s population has a social media account. That’s 4.2 BILLION users across the globe (Source: Hootsuite). That means if you aren't active on social media, your customers are finding your competition.

Consistency is Key

Social media is a fast moving world, which means that posts become obsolete quickly. Daily/weekly posting is key to keeping the attention of your audience, all while creating brand recognition for your company.

Branding is Important to Establishing Recognition

Tone, imagery, and even color consistency is important for consumers to recognize your brand. Having a content manager allows for consistency in overall look and tone of your posts.

Understanding the Latest Technology

It is important that all posts are formatted for their individual platforms as well as are easily viewed from desktop and mobile. 98.8% of users access their accounts through mobile devices like smartphones or tablets (Source: Oberlo).

Timing and Monitoring of Analytics

61% of those people check their smartphone within 10 minutes of opening their eyes in the morning (Source: Rootmetrics). It is important to have a good understanding of your analytics and be able to schedule posts around when your clients are online.

Thinking of hiring a content manager? Let Haus Social handle all of your social media, podcast production, or consulting needs!

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